Injuries Reported In Car Accident On Hwy 163/county Rd. 618

No injuries in related Interstate 480 accidents in Twinsburg

Updated: Sunday, December 15 2013 9:52 PM EST2013-12-16 02:52:01 GMT JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) Jonesboro Police told Region 8 News they are working two different shootings in Jonesboro that happened around 7:20 Saturday evening. NEW DETAILS:One man is on the run, another wounded, after two shootings Saturday night according to Jonesboro police. CRAIGHEAD COUNTY, AR (KAIT) – Craighead County dispatch confirmed a car accident on Highway 163 and County Road 618 Monday night. There is little information at this time but injuries have been reported. We will bring you the latest information as soon as it becomes available. Copyright 2013 KAIT . All Rights Reserved.
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Two car accident with injuries in Pavilion

The document also states there was a ‘rapid’ time lapse between the impact of the crash and his death. By Corinne Lestch / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Tuesday, December 17, 2013, 3:05 AM Comment Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images Paul Walker’s death certificate shows the ‘Fast and the Furious’ star died from ‘combined effects of traumatic and thermal injuries.’ The flames that engulfed the car Paul Walker was riding in during a fatal crash last month also helped cause the actors death, according to a report. The adrenaline-driven celebrity died from combined effects of traumatic and thermal injuries, according to his death certificate, which was obtained Monday by TMZ . The friend driving the 2005 Porsche Carrera GT, Roger Rodas, died from multiple traumatic injuries, according to the L.A. County Coroner. Officials did not say that the fire sparked during the crash played a role in Rodas death. David Buchan/Getty Images Paul Walker and his pal shocked family, friends and co-stars when they met their grim end in the Nov. 30 crash in Santa Clarita, Calif. Walker and Rodas perished quickly, according to both of their death certificates, and there was a rapid time lapse between the impact and the deaths. The star of the Fast and the Furious movie franchise and his pal shocked family, friends and co-stars when they met their grim end in the Nov. 30 crash in Santa Clarita, Calif.
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Paul Walker’s death certificate released, shows he died from crash, ‘thermal injuries’

Paul Walker and his pal shocked family, friends and co-stars when they met their grim end in the Nov. 30 crash in Santa Clarita, Calif.

A two-car collision was reported at 7:11 a.m. when a truck lost a wheel and crashed into another vehicle approximately 1/8 mile from the Route 91 exit ramp, according to Twinsburg police Sgt. Tom Mason. While responding to the initial collision, a second accident occurred at the same location immediately after the initial accident. The second accident involved between five and six vehicles that failed to slow down in time to avoid the first accident’s backed up traffic. Both accident scenes were cleared of debris by 8:44 a.m. and traffic was slowed for about 30 minutes, Mason said. No drivers or passengers required medical attention, but three people were transported from the scene by police to arrange pickup or be taken to their places of work. Four vehicles were towed from the scene, Mason said. Mason said that weather contributed to the first accident, but driver inattention was the cause of the second accident. State and city service crews had cleared most snow and ice from the road, but severe cold can still lead to traffic problems, Mason said. “The roads appear dry, but you’ll see little pockets of moisture,” Mason said.
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Car Accidents and Brain Injuries

About half of brain injuries that require hospitalization result from vehicle accidents. SCOTTSDALE, AZ, November 18, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ — Of all the trauma that a body can sustain in a motor vehicle accident, traumatic brain injuries have the potential to be the least visible and longest lasting. Long after gashes have healed and bruises faded, brain injuries can continue to have a devastating impact on car crash victims and their loved ones. About 28 percent of traumatic brain injuries (TBI) result from motor vehicle accidents, according to the Family Caregiver Alliance, a nonprofit organization that focuses on family members and friends who provide long-term care for people with serious medical conditions, including traumatic brain injury. Sports and athletics account for 20 percent, assaults for 9 percent, and 43 percent of brain injuries happen for other reasons. Most brain injuries are considered mild, such as concussions, and do not require hospitalization. More severe TBIs may require hospitalization and a lengthy rehabilitation process. People with severe TBIs may never completely recover. Severe Brain Injuries From Car Accidents Traumatic brain injuries from assaults may make the news more often, partly because they are more unusual than car accidents . But statistics from the Family Caregiver Alliance show that car accidents may be more of a cause for concern. They result in the most severe injuries. Nearly half – 49 percent – of brain injuries that require hospitalization result from motor vehicle accidents. Car accident victims can sustain brain injuries in a variety of ways. In some cases, they receive head injuries from striking their heads against the windshield or dashboard, but victims do not have to actually hit their head to sustain head trauma.
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Common Car Accident Injuries

The road is blocked. One victim is complaining of a neck and collarbone injury. Pavilion Fire is on scene and stablizing the patient. South Street Road is being closed down. UPDATE 6:07 p.m.: Pavilion Fire is back in service and the road is now open.
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This is a soft-tissue injury occurring when your neck muscles, tendons and ligaments are strained. Spinal injury can result in loss of sensation or motion. Lacerations and broken bones. These are the most obvious physical injuries. Cuts may heal on their own, but deeper lacerations may need stitches or even surgery. Broken or fractured bones need to be properly set and cared for by a doctor or they can heal improperly, causing more pain and damage. Internal injuries or bleeding. When your body experiences intense impact in a car accident, you may have internal organ damage even if you do not have obvious external physical injuries. Internal bleeding or injury is very serious and often goes unnoticed at the scene. What should I do if Ive been injured in a car accident? If you have been hurt in a car accident, you must seek immediate medical attention in order to strengthen your insurance claim as well as any potential personal injury suit.
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