Patrol Car Crash Victims Were Set To Be Engaged: Family

DUI suspect held in deadly 7-car crash

Continues In LASD Fatal Crash Family in Shock After 2 Killed in Patrol Car Crash Authorities were investigating the scene in Palmdale where a Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department patrol car collided with a Ford Explorer, killing two people in the SUV and injuring the deputy. Family members at the scene of the crash said one of the victims was a 20-year-old woman. Officials said the investigation could continue for weeks since it involved a deputy and multiple fatalities. Kate Larsen reports for the NBC4 News at 11 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 14, 2013. More Photos and Videos Grieving families gathered Sunday at the site where two people died after colliding with a sheriffs deputy’s patrol car the day before. Sara Paynter, 20, and her boyfriend, Robert Delgadillo, 30, were in the backseat of a Ford Explorer on Saturday when the driver of the SUV crashed with a sheriffs patrol car in Palmdale, officials said.
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3 dead after accidents in Atlanta, Sandy Springs

Police say three cars were involved in an accident on the Drive, injuring two people. One victim is in critical condition while the other is stable. MLK Drive was closed in both directions from Montgomery Avenue to Falls Bridge due to the crash. It has since been reopened. Police have not yet revealed the cause of the accident or the identities of the victims. Stay with for more details on this developing story. Also on
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Two Car Crash Lands one Driver in Custody

City News Service says a woman in her 60s was killed on impact in the crash at an intersection in the Tarzana area late Monday. Officer Olga Arriaga says the suspect, driving a gray Ford Taurus, slammed into the rear of a vehicle, causing a seven-car pileup. Occupants of the other cars complained of neck and back pain but no serious injuries were reported. Witnesses say after the crash the suspect walked into a convenience store, bought a six pack of beer and began drinking it outside the store while police arrived. The suspect is in custody and being questioned. His name was not immediately released.
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No car accidents in a new Volvo by 2020

Just after midnight, Tuesday, emergency crews were called to 27th and Hoy Streets for a two car crash. Lincoln Police Sergeant Steve Wiese said their initial investigation leads them to believe one vehicle was traveling south on 27th and admitted to driving below the speed limit due to deer in the area. Wiese said he did not know how much below the posted 45 mph speed limit the driver was traveling. According to Wiese, the driver noticed a vehicle coming up behind them at a very high rate and to avoid being hit from behind, turned toward the shoulder, but the two collided. The first car ended up on the west side of the road near a tree. The second car finally came to a stop several yards away, in the east ditch. According to Wiese, the two people in the first car were treated and released at the scene. The driver of the second car refused medical treatment. Both cars are believed to be totaled. The driver of the second car was taken into custody.
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2 People Hurt in 3-Car Crash on MLK Drive

2 People Hurt in 3-Car Crash on MLK Drive

Saturday, Dec. 14, 2013 3 dead after accidents in Atlanta, Sandy Springs Related The Atlanta Journal-Constitution In less than nine hours, three people died Saturday in car accidents around metro Atlanta . A College Park man was killed after an apparent single-car accident just after midnight at Marietta and Means streets in Atlanta , according to Channel 2 Action News. Witnesses told police that Kayne Burton, 39, may have lost control of his car while driving too fast. He died at Grady Memorial Hospital from his injuries. More than four hours later, 24-year-old Devon Baxley of Marietta was killed on I-285 westbound when a car struck him, Sandy Springs police Sgt. Forrest Bohannon said. Details were sketchy, but he said Baxley was a passenger in a vehicle. He exited that car, possibly while it was still moving, and was struck by another vehicle near the New Northside Drive exit about 4:30 a.m. Saturday, Bohannon said. He was in the middle of I-285, he said. There was no way to avoid him. The driver of the car that struck Baxley was not charged. The driver of the other vehicle, 30-year-old Sara Anderson of Grayson, was charged with DUI and taken to the Fulton County jail.
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Investigation Continues In LASD Fatal Crash

However, for the residents of the city, this also means that there is a high rate of car accidents as people drive under the influence of drugs and alcohol, speed recklessly and act in other negligent behaviors. According to the Nevada Department of Transportation, Clark County was the site of 78.89 percent of all accidents that occurred in the state during 2010. Over 51,000 collisions were reported and out of those collisions, 235 resulted in the death of a person or persons and more than 18,000 resulted in injury. A car accident can present a number of large challenges but people can lower the impact by taking steps beforehand to protect themselves legally. Create and keep an accident kit When an accident occurs, people often are caught up in the trauma of the event and forget to document important information or preserve evidence. However, an accident kit can prevent that from happening. Similar to an emergency aid kit, the accident kit contains tools to help people stay alert and focused on preserving their legal rights. The kit is generally assembled with the following: -Paper and pencil for note taking. -Disposable camera to photograph the scene (the camera on a smart phone works too). -Card with any allergies or health conditions listed on it. -List of emergency contacts (can be kept in a smart phone). In addition, an accident form should also be put into the kit and this can be created by hand or obtained through an insurance company. The accident form records information pertaining to the accident itself which can then be used for contacting witnesses and to preserve memory for testimony or insurance claims.
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Nevada car accidents: Legal protection before one happens

While the rest of the car industry is trying to copy vehicle safety features that Volvo had introduced in the market years ago, the Swedish car manufacturer is moving ahead in tooling new safety features. Were working on our sensors to recognize even animals that may cross the path of a Volvo, says De Voijs. This will allow the vehicle to give a warning, and that ultimately will bring the car to a full auto brake. By 2020, Volvo aspires to produce vehicles for the Swedish market that will run on automatic mode. Already, the Swedish car firm is testing a prototype that can run on auto-pilot, much like airplanes set to fly on a programmed altitude and flight path. By 2017, the car company will have 100 self-driving Volvo cars running in everyday driving conditions around the Swedish city of Gothenburg. This will be the final test, so to speak, of a project that just started between Volvo and the Swedish Transport Administration, the Swedish Transport Agency, Lindholmen Science Park and the City of Gothenburg. The experiment, called the Drive Me project, aims to pinpoint the societal benefits of autonomous driving, while helping to position Sweden and Volvo cars as leaders in the development of future mobility. Some of the questions that the Drive Me project aims to answer are: How can autonomous (or self-driving) vehicles bring societal and economic benefits to traffic efficiency, the traffic environment and road safety? What are the infrastructure requirements for autonomous driving? What typical traffic situations are suitable for autonomous vehicles? What is the level of customer confidence in autonomous vehicles? How will surrounding drivers interact smoothly with a self-driving car? Meanwhile, Volvo will continue to bring to the market, even to one as small as the Philippines, cars that will promise the safest ride.
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