After Okeechobee Rd. Crash That Killed At Least 3, Police Trying To Identify Victims And Determine Cause

Ariel Russo car crash probe faults human error, not 911 system, in delayed response

The skid marks on the southbound lanes could be seen Thursday morning and a burning smell lingered in the area. On Wednesday night, workers were unable to extract the drivers body from the burned wreckage, and the remains of both vehicles were taken to the Miami-Dade Medical Examiners Office. Florida Highway Patrol officials believe the northbound car may have been speeding. The area has a history of racing, Sanchez said, although there are no witnesses so far in this crash. “It’s bad. It is bad,” Sanchez said of the crash Wednesday night. “I’ve been doing this for 25 years. And this is up there.” A stretch of southbound Okeechobee Road were closed as investigators continue their work late into the night. By Thursday morning, the stretch reopened. This report will be updated as more information becomes available.
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COPS: Drunk Driver Bought Six-Pack Moments After Causing Seven-Car Accident

DOI recommended that the FDNY hire additional technical staffing and boost training for existing computer operations staff. Ariel Russo Emergency Calls Event Chronology 7:36 8:08 a.m. | AT DISPATCH CENTER: ARD Edna Pringle uses her cell phone five times: making 4 cell phone calls and receiving one, all at the Relay Desk. 8:13:02 a.m. | AT DISPATCH CENTER: Pringle completes a job at her Relay Desk terminal. 8:15 a.m. | AT ACCIDENT SCENE: Ariel Russo critically injured when hit by SUV driven by unlicensed teenager; her grandmother also seriously injured. 8:15 8:19 a.m. | AT ACCIDENT SCENE: Several NYPD officers make multiple radio calls to NYPD Dispatch. 8:15:38 a.m. | AT DISPATCH CENTER: NYPD Dispatch Center enters call into ICAD and transfers to EMSCAD. 8:15:40 to 8:19:37 a.m. | AT DISPATCH CENTER: Russo incident info received by EMSCAD; EMSCAD records show the Ariel Russo call is the only call pending for the Relay Desk. 8:15:45 a.m.
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Veterans at Increased Risk for Car Accidents

According to witnesses, he then marched over to a nearby Chevron station, bought a six-pack of beer, and quickly downed one. The accident occurred on Monday at 11 PM on the heavily trafficked Ventura Boulevard in Tarzana, just north of L.A. According to detectives, they have surveillance video that shows the man buying beer. Jeffery Sherman, who survived the crash uninjured, said about the driver of the Taurus, “He bought a six-pack of beer and drank one really fast.” The Chevron cashier also told NBC, He went over there, picked up beer — a six-pack — threw money on the counter and left.” Sherman said he was told that some suspects may imbibe alcohol after an accident if they had been drinking before the accident to create reasonable doubt for subsequent legal action. The woman who died at the scene was driving a Saturn Ion that was decimated on impact. Her neck looked like it broke, according to Sherman. A second person also was injured in the crash and investigators shut down a portion of Ventura Boulevard to explore the wreckage. “I just hope people won’t drink and do drugs and get behind the wheel of a car,” Sherman begged.”…Or text, or anything that takes your mind off when you’re driving. Just drive.” Police said they do not know if alcohol was a factor in the accident but said that speed definitely played a role.
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Police respond to a fatal crash on Okeechobee Road, about a mile north of Florida’s Turnpike on Wednesday, Dec. 18, 2013. Three people, including a 5-year-old girl, were killed in the head-on collision.

These are just a few potential questions your client will need to answer. Elements such as the weather and location of the accident are also very important. Finally, the client (or their passengers) needs to take as many pictures as possible. Pictures need to be taken of both cars (from all angles) and of the area surrounding the accident. 2. Dont Admit Fault One of the biggest impediments to receiving repayments and insurance payouts is unknowingly admitting guilt and responsibility for the accident. Its important for the client to be sensitive and considerate at the scene, but advise them to never say or imply that the accident was their fault. Even if the client thinks they are indeed at fault, there may have been unseen factors that contributed to the collision. Even a simple Im sorry could put their case at risk. Additionally, the client must not sign or agree to anything before speaking to you, the lawyer. They should not speak to the other drivers insurance agency, sign any forms or paperwork, or agree to meet at another location to sort out the details. All of these situations could potentially be dangerous to the client and to the validity of their case.
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Four At-the-Scene Tips for Your Car Accident Client

car accident attorneys on lawfuel

Half of the veterans who participated in the study reported that they feel anxious when other vehicles come near them too fast or block them in. The researchers found that post-deployed military personnel drive too fast, dont stop at intersections and assume they have the right of way. Family and friends of returning soldiers reported their perception that their military loved ones drove more dangerously after their return. Some returning soldiers admitted that the simple act of driving makes them anxious, while military troops that have never been deployed reported no anxiety. Call the Auto Accident Lawyers in Philadelphia at Lessin & Gompers The car accident lawyers of Lessin & Gompers are committed to helping clients who have been involved in all types of motor vehicle accidents. They will protect your rights by thoroughly investigating your auto accident case and determining the cause of the accident. Our car accident attorneys are devoted to our clients best interests and strive to successfully litigate their claims, ensuring they get the financial compensation and care to which they are entitled to under the law. With law offices in Philadelphia, PA and Moorestown, NJ, we have represented countless clients in auto accident cases throughout the Southern Pennsylvania / South Jersey region, winning substantial verdicts and settlements.
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