Fatal Car Accident In Henrietta

Toyota Camry Regains Consumer Reports’ Favor After Crash Tests

The female driver of the car pushed into the eastbound lane was pronounced dead. The man who struck the woman’s vehicle was under the influence of alcohol. Copyright 2013 Nexstar Broadcasting, Inc. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.
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Witness describes car crash before woman was shot

Theyre way out in front. This is more about front-runners than laggards. The institute in 2012 started adding a so-called small-overlap front crash test, simulating a collision at 40 miles per hour (64 kilometers per hour) in which the drivers side corner strikes another vehicle or an immobile object such as a tree. Since the tests inception, automakers that market on safety have redesigned models including Hondas Odyssey minivan to get a top rating in the test. What youre seeing is that the introduction of front-crash prevention systems is a relatively recent phenomenon as is our introduction of the small-overlap front crash test, Lund said. There are a lot of makes out there that arent doing well in both of those categories. Sole Minivan The Odyssey is the only minivan among the 22 winners of the top score. Vehicles receiving the accolade ranged from Mazda Motor Corp. (7261)s Mazda 3 small car to mid-size sport-utility vehicles including the Volvo Car Corp. XC60.
Please see the full article at: http://www.businessweek.com/news/2013-12-19/toyota-camry-regains-consumer-reports-favor-after-crash-tests

COPS: Drunk Driver Bought Six-Pack Moments After Causing Seven-Car Accident

According to witnesses, he then marched over to a nearby Chevron station, bought a six-pack of beer, and quickly downed one. The accident occurred on Monday at 11 PM on the heavily trafficked Ventura Boulevard in Tarzana, just north of L.A. According to detectives, they have surveillance video that shows the man buying beer. Jeffery Sherman, who survived the crash uninjured, said about the driver of the Taurus, “He bought a six-pack of beer and drank one really fast.” The Chevron cashier also told NBC, He went over there, picked up beer — a six-pack — threw money on the counter and left.” Sherman said he was told that some suspects may imbibe alcohol after an accident if they had been drinking before the accident to create reasonable doubt for subsequent legal action. The woman who died at the scene was driving a Saturn Ion that was decimated on impact. Her neck looked like it broke, according to Sherman. A second person also was injured in the crash and investigators shut down a portion of Ventura Boulevard to explore the wreckage. “I just hope people won’t drink and do drugs and get behind the wheel of a car,” Sherman begged.”…Or text, or anything that takes your mind off when you’re driving. Just drive.” Police said they do not know if alcohol was a factor in the accident but said that speed definitely played a role.
Please see the full article at: http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2013/12/19/Driver-Downs-Beer-After-Car-Crash-Kills-Woman

A couple who live next door to where the accident occurred were watching television when they heard a loud bang. The woman, who gave only her first name, Ann, said there was a small fire in the car and her husband used a fire extinguisher to put it out. She said the truck driver appeared to have made a U-turn in the yard. Tire tracks were visible in the yard. “It was scary,” she said. “The poor man was in there.” Terry Brandt said he was on his way to work on his new house when he saw the lights from the emergency vehicles. Brandt said he is in process of buying the house and plans to move in after selling his current home. “But anybody’s who’s ignorant enough to do this to someone’s property, I hope they pounce on him (tractor-trailer driver).” “This is not what I wanted for one of my first memories (of my new house),” Brandt said, while standing in the yard. Another man who came upon the accident said he saw the trailer rocking and then noticed the car underneath the trailer. “I can’t believe that idiot made a U-turn in that guy’s yard,” said the man who declined to give his name. Mt. Zion and Fredericksburg fire companies, First Aid and Safety Patrol and fire police assisted state police. Rescue crews work to remove a man from a car that crashed into a tractor-trailer Thursday evening on Mt. Zion Road near Shirksville Road in Bethel Township.
Please see the full article at: http://www.ldnews.com/local/ci_24761645/car-vs-tractor-trailer-crash

Car, tractor-trailer crash in Bethel Township; man injured

Rescue crews work to remove a man from a car that crashed into a tractor-trailer Thursday evening on Mt. Zion Road near Shirksville Road in Bethel

Spectators, mostly McBrides family and friends, left the courtroom immediately after the judges decision. Wafer, an airport maintenance worker, lingered and appeared dazed as he stood and looked out a courtroom window. He thanked his attorneys and left through a back door. A second-degree murder conviction can carry a sentence of up to life in prison. A trial judge would have discretion. Carpenter told reporters the ruling was a disappointment. We look forward to trial where you will get all of the evidence, she said.
Please see the full article at: http://www.washingtonpost.com/national/witness-describes-car-crash-before-woman-was-shot/2013/12/18/5929d2a4-6845-11e3-997b-9213b17dac97_story.html


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