School Bus Accident In Livermore, 1 Injury

Man Dies From Injuries Sustained After Car Accident Last Week in Odessa

Dec. 19, 2013 advertisement A school bus in Livermore ended up getting into a three-vehicle accident on Thursday morning, with an least one minor injury reported. The California Highway Patrol said the accident occurred on East Stanely and Murietta boulevards just before 8 a.m. Eight children were aboard the bus, according to CHP. Officer Steve Creel. He said none of the children were injured.
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62-year-old William Charles Lynch died from injuries sustained in the wreck. Investigators say Lynch was driving northbound on Faudree in his SUV when according to multiple witnesses when he ran a red light. That caused him to hit a semi-trailer who was trying to turn left onto the Highway 191 service road. Investigators say no charges will be filed. Physical Address:
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Four At-the-Scene Tips for Your Car Accident Client

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Firefighters from Garland and Rockwall came to the hospital in support. Without them and his family at his side, Devon Colbert said the lengthy hospital stay would have been much more difficult. Colleagues pitched in to help, including with household needs and bills. They hosted fundraisers like a January golf tournament in Crandall and a March ball at the Hilton Dallas/Rockwall Lakefront. The Garland Fire Fighters Association also sold about 500 T-shirts in different designs to benefit the Colberts, said association president David Riggs. One design reads No brother stands alone on the back. With Devon, it touched us all because we feel like hes part of our family, and hes in a bad way, said Garland Fire Chief Raymond Knight. Finding his way back As he recovered, Colbert said doctors at the Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation in Dallas decided in April it would be best for him to go home in a wheelchair. Theres a little bit of fear whenever youre getting out because so much has changed, just how youre going to adjust to everything, Devon Colbert said.
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Year after spinal injury from wreck, firefighter from Rockwall striving to recover

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This information is vital if there seem to be any discrepancies between the report and what actually happened at the scene. 4. Go to the Hospital This may sound a little dramatic, but if a client feels at all injured or shaken up from the accident, he or she should immediately visit a doctor, hospital, or urgent care center to get checked out. If you are not taken by ambulance because the injuries arent severe, the client should still take himself or have a friend drive. If there are repercussions later on or long-term injuries resulting from the accident, it is important to have medical records to mark the accident. These records can also provide details of immediate damage that might have caused these health problems. However, the records need to be from the day of the accident or, at most, two days after to provide solid evidence. If your client follows these 4 tips, you are well on your way to winning their case. Car accidents and other personal injury cases can be painful and drawn out, but you can make it easier for your clients by sharing these helpful hints with them. Author Byline: Drew Kobb, in addition to studying civil law, loves long distance running and considers himself a health and fitness enthusiast. He stays active in the law field by following personal injury law and observing firms in Ottawa like Brioux & Zuber . His interests range all over the medical field, and Drew highlights that range on his blog, Dr. Ouch. This post has already been read 23 times!
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