Three-car Accident Only Causes Minor Injuries

Car crash kills Akron coach Tank Arrington

Tank Arrington

16. According to the Michigan State Police accident report, a 50-year-old West Branch man driving a Chevrolet Blazer was southbound on M-33 waiting to turn left onto Finerty Road when he and another vehicle were passed by a Buick LeSabre driven by a 26-year-old Herron man. Reportedly, the LeSabre collided head-on with a northbound Chevy pickup driven by a 34-year-old West Branch man, and both vehicles collided with the Blazer. According to the report, two of the drivers sustained minor injuries and all three refused transport to the hospital. The Herron man was cited for careless driving.
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Seungri gets involved in a minor car accident

We will do all that we can to help support them, our student-athletes and staff. Our thoughts, prayers and condolences go out to Carringtons wife, family, friends and colleagues for their tragic loss. (Photo credits; Akron athletics) Dec 24, 2013 7:55 AM Thoughts and prayers for Tanks family and the Akron football program. waynefontes says: Dec 24, 2013 8:25 AM Very sad to hear. Best wishes for the Arrington family in this time of tragedy. meatcarroll says: Dec 24, 2013 8:27 AM Wow, that is absolutely horrible. :-/ dhardy8207 says: Dec 24, 2013 8:54 AM Terribly sad anytime but particularly this time of year. My thoughts and prayers go out to family as well as the players and university God Bless. florida727 says: Dec 24, 2013 10:52 AM The details behind the accident are irrelevant. The university lost a great coach.
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Aberdeenshire man, 83, dies from crash injuries

SEE ALSO: G-Dragon, Taeyang, and Seungri celebrate an early Christmas According to YG Entertainment, Seungri was on his way back to his dorm in Shanghai, China on the 23rd when a sasaeng fan followed after him and the fan’s car accidentally rear-ended a staff’s car which ended up also colliding with the car in front of it which Seungri was riding in as a result, leading to a double rear-end-collision. YG Entertainment told Newsen on the 24th, “The car of a fan who was following Seungri collided with a staff’s car which also collided with the car Seungri was riding in… Fortunately, it is not a major accident so Seungri suffered no injuries. Because it was a minor accident, it was settled [between both parties] well.” Seungri tweeted,”Lastnightsmall accident wasn’t anyone’s fault. Me? totally fine and thankfully no one got hurt!Please enjoy your holidays and merry XMAS!” In the words of Seungri, thankfully no one got hurt!
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No injuries reported after woman drives car into house in Brockton

Peter Wales, 83, was driving one of the vehicles which collided on the A97 Huntly to Alford road in Aberdeenshire. Mr Wales, who was from Rhynie, was being treated at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary. The driver of the other vehicle in the crash, a 31-year-old woman, was not seriously hurt. A report is being submitted to the Procurator Fiscal. More on This Story 12 DECEMBER 2013, NE SCOTLAND, ORKNEY & SHETLAND Related Internet links
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Thank God, she said. It was like a car by itself, no control. I think this car has issues, I dont know.” Brockton Police said the accident was under investigation and did not if Araujo would be facing charges immediately after crash. No one was injured when a Brockton woman drove her car into her home around 9:30 a.m. at 68 Malvern Road Tuesday. Dometilia Araujo, was driving a Lincoln Navigator when she says the car suddenly accelerated smashing the rear end of the vehicle into the single family house. The car struck the corner of the house and also a wooden fence. I was asleep when it happened, said Cassandra Muniz, 18, Araujo’s granddaughter. It was like a big boom. Araujo said the car took off on it’s own. Im OK. Thank God, she said.
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Accident leaves motorcyclist with serious injuries

The accident happened west of Marty Robbins Park near Vista Del Sol Drive and George Dieter Drive and Bernard Kern Drive. Officers shut down Vista del Sol between George Dieter Drive and Bernard Kern Drive for more than 2 hours. El Paso police tell KFOX14 that the call about the accident came in just before 2 a.m. Monday. Paramedics at the scene found the motorcyclist with several fractures. El Paso police say the victim was wearing a helmet, but the helmet came off during the accident. The man was rushed to Del Sol Medical center, but his current condition is unknown. El Paso police are still investigating to see what caused the accident. Police tell KFOX14 it might have been caused by a possible hit-and-run, but they have not confirmed that at this time. During the investigation, a man was arrested at the scene for driving through police barricades. El Paso police said the man was taken into custody was under the influence of alcohol and almost hit an officer during the investigation.
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