Four Killed In Fiery Car Crash Into Flood Channel In San Bernardino

SXSW Car Accident Driver Revealed

SXSW 2014 logo SXSW Car Accident Driver Revealed

Four female occupants of a car were killed after the driver lost control on a San Bernardino road Thursday night and plunged into a flood control channel, authorities said. The crash occurred after the car spun out and went through a rail, causing two of the occupants to be ejected while the vehicle plunged into the flood channel, burst into flames and burned the other two “beyond recognition,”according to the California Highway Patrol. Earlier reports had put the number of dead at three. Also Security lapse blamed for inmate’s escape from Twin Towers The wreck occurred at about 8:30 p.m. when the 1997 Toyota Camry was traveling westbound on 5th Street near Cooley Street “passing traffic at a reported high speed” before losing control, the CHP said. The car rotated across the eastbound lanes before striking the rail at the corner of a bridge. The force was enough to push the vehicle over the side. Authorities said the driver and right rear passenger were ejected from the car. The other two passengers were in the car when it plunged 20 feet into the flood channel. “After coming to rest in the flood channel, the Toyota was engulfed by flames … burning them beyond recognition,” the CHP said Friday morning. The victims were not immediately identified.
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SXSW Deadly Car Crash: Driver Was Aspiring Rapper On His Way To A Show

Flowers lie on the ground near where the deadly car crash occurred in Austin, Texas.

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Three car accident shuts down I-44

Saturday, March 15, 2014 Three car accident shuts down I-44 No injuries reported Police are reporting an accident involving two semi tractor trailer rigs on I-44 westbound near the Harvard exit. A witness at the scene says there was a third car involved. The witness told KRMG a car had flipped over into the inside lane and was hit by a semi tractor rig. A second rig then hit the first rig and caugh on fire. No one was taken to the hospital. Police rerouted some traffic through that area and shut down the westbound lanes of I-44 beginning at the Yale exit. Firefighters and an ambulance are also on the scene.
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Dump truck in fatal crash with LAPD cruiser passed last inspection

(COLIN KERRIGAN / By Dan DeLuca, Inquirer Staff Writer Posted: March 15, 2014 AUSTIN, Texas – Two people were killed and 23 hospitalized early Thursday after a car crashed through temporary barricades into a crowd of pedestrians at the South by Southwest Music festival. The mood was dark at the Austin Convention Center, headquarters of the festival, later Thursday. SXSW managing director Roland Swenson issued a statement saying “the SXSW staff is stunned and deeply moved by the events of last night.” He said the festival planned “to carry on with our scheduled daytime events” and added, “We are contacting all of the venues to find out if they have made any decisions about our operations that impact our visitors.” One of the two killed was a Dutch citizen and festival registrant who was riding a bicycle. The other was an Austin woman riding a moped with a man. He is one of two people still hospitalized in critical condition; eight remain in the hospital in all. The accident happened around 12:30 a.m. Thursday outside the Mohawk, a club at 10th and Red River Streets, where the veteran punk band X was playing. The car had been stopped by police checking for drunk drivers at a nearby gas station. The driver then weaved through traffic to avoid police and sped the wrong way down a one-way street, Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo said. The driver was subdued with a stun gun and taken into custody. He was identified as Rashad Owens, 21, of Killeen.
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Car crash at SXSW kills 2; festival organizers vow to carry on

An injured person is taken from the scene in Austin, Texas. A man fleeing a sobriety checkpoint allegedly drove the wrong way through a closed street filled with fesitval-goers.

Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo reports that the incident began around 12:30 a.m. on Thursday morning when a police officer searching for drunk drivers attempted to stop a car at a gas station. Instead of stopping, the drive tried to evade the authorities. He ultimately sped the wrong way on 9th street, a one-way street. There, he struck multiple pedestrians and crashed into a SWSW barricade. The drive continued down Red River Street, where he hit multiple people. On 11th street, a man and a woman on a moped were hit. The drive then crashed into a taxi and a parked van before he attempted to flee on foot. Police overtook the driver and tased him to take him into custody. The woman on the moped was pronounced dead on the scene. The man on the moped is still in critical condition.
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Auto Accident Insurance Add-Ons Now Featured Inside U.S. Quotes Tool at Auto Website

“I can’t grasp it. I can’t believe it,” Wilson told the paper. “Everything was going good. We were just there trying to perform, and it made a whole other turn.” Wilson said Owens had borrowed the grey Honda used in the incident from a friend and fellow rapper, Andrew Bramwell, a soldier at Fort Hood in Killeen, who had reported his car stolen Thursday morning. While police would not discuss Owens’ criminal history at a briefing on Thursday, the paper reported that public records show he had several misdemeanor arrests in Fairbanks, Alaska, including charges of a minor drinking alcohol and criminal trespass. In October 2011, he was charged with driving under the influence and leaving the scene of an accident. He pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of criminal trespass in Killeen in 2010 and sentenced to 60 days in jail, and then sentenced to an additional 60 days for another criminal trespass incident in January 2011. The two people killed in the incident were identified as Jamie Ranae West, 27, of Austin, who was hit while sitting on her moped and Steven Craenmehr, 35, a Dutch musician who was on a bicycle; both died at the scene. As of Thursday night, three of the 23 injured were reported in critical condition, with two suffering severe head injuries. Six of the victims were still in area hospitals, five in fair condition and one in good condition, with injuries that ranged from broken bones and teeth to deep cuts. According to a list of 19 of the victims, 12 were in their 20s, six were between 17-19 and one was 39. Police are still awaiting results of tests on Owens’ blood alcohol level, which was taken following his booking.
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