A Third Person Dies Of Injuries Sustained By Sxsw Crash

Third Person Dies From Injuries Sustained In SXSW Car Crash

Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo addresses the media during a press conference about the tragic accident on March 13. 2014-03-17 20:08:18 UTC Sandy Thuy Le, 26, became the third person to die from injuries sustained during a car crash outside of several nightclubs in Austin, Texas, during SXSW when she passed away Monday. She was hit outside The Mohawk music club early in wee hours of March 13. Le, who is from Pass Christian, Miss., sustained head injuries,according to the Associated Press , and had been in critical condition at theUniversity Medical Center Brackenridge in Austin since the accident . See also: SXSW Crash Victim Treated to Private Concert in Her Hospital Room Local police sayan intoxicated Rashad Owens, 21, was driving away from police that fateful night when his silver Toyota Sedan smashed through a barricade and sped into a crowd of people at 11th Street and Red River Street, killing two at the scene and injuring 21 others. Fifteen patients were quickly treated and released, but seven are still hospitalized; five reside at the university’s medical center, including one in critical condition. After speeding through the crowd, Owens’ car crashed into a taxi and a parked van, at which point he tried to escape on foot. The entire episode lasted about a minute. [Sandy] lived in this whimsy that almost made you jealous,” Le’s brother-in-law, Stuart Gates, told The Clarion Ledger .
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Third person dies from SXSW crash injuries

Personal injury lawyers call cases such as these an aggravation of a pre-existing injury case. The lawyer will not make a claim for the entirety of your injuries or problems but will make a claim for the difference between how you were feeling before the accident and how you are feeling after your accident. It must be then determined whether there is increased pain and suffering due to the accident, if so, then you have an injury claim. If after the accident you are having problems with hobbies, housework or workplace discomfort that you were not having before your accident than it is essential that you be compensated for the increase in problems. In short, a lawyer will be able to determine the spread between what your life was like before your accident and after your accident. The most important question you should ask yourself is whether your injuries have been made worse because of the accident. Many people do not seek legal advice because they are under the assumption that if they have pre-existing injuries that pre-date their accident than they dont have a claim. This is a false assumption, even though you may have had several injuries in your past if those injuries are made worse because of the accident than you have a claim against ICBC. All personal injury lawyers deal with these types of situations, in many cases people come to our office with many injuries that pre-date their accident, many of them have had surgeries on their back or other body parts throughout their life, however, we make it abundantly clear that if your injuries have fully healed or if your injury has been irritated because of an accident then you should engage in rehabilitation and seek compensation. Our office recently dealt with a client who has had numerous surgeries and procedures on her back in the past five years, she was told by an ICBC adjuster that they would not pay her any compensation because of her severe back problem history. After seeking legal advice from our office, she was able get ICBC to pay for her rehabilitation costs and will be receiving compensation for her injuries. If you have any questions please contact Anoop S.
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(AP Photo/Austin American-Statesman, Jay Janner) AUSTIN, Texas (AP) A third person struck by a suspected drunken driver in Austin last week during the South By Southwest festival died Monday, police said. Sandy Thuy Le, 26, died from the injuries she sustained when she was run over outside The Mohawk music club early Thursday, Austin police spokeswoman Veneza Bremner said. Police say the driver, Rashad Owens, was fleeing police when he crashed through a barricade and accelerated his car into a crowd in Austin’s Red River Entertainment District, killing two people at the scene and injuring 21 others. Le had been listed in critical condition since she was struck. Dr. Christopher Ziebell, the emergency department director at the University Medical Center-Brackenridge, had said the two most critically injured patients suffered life-threatening head injuries. Stuart Gates told The Clarion Ledger of Jackson, Miss., that Le his sister-in-law was surrounded by friends and family when she died Monday morning. “She lived in this whimsy that almost made you jealous, she was a very carefree and nonchalant person with a definitely giving spirit, and she was very selfless,” Gates said. “She was full of life, she was quirky, and she was always someone you were looking forward to seeing.” The victims who died Thursday were Steven Craenmehr, a 35-year-old Dutchman who was on a bicycle, and 27-year-old Jamie West of Austin, who was riding on a moped when the car plowed into her. Five of the injured remained hospitalized Monday at University Medical Center, including one person in critical condition and two in serious condition, spokeswoman Kendra Clawson said. Two other patients remained hospitalized elsewhere.
Please see the full article at: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/03/17/sandy-le-dead-sxsw-car-crash_n_4980485.html

ICBC And My Pre-Existing Injury!

The Daily Texan does not guarantee their accuracy. Le, who is originally from Pass Christian, Miss., had been in critical condition at University Medical Center Brackenridge since Thursday. Her death marks the third fatality resulting from the collision. Eight hours after the crash, Christopher Ziebell, emergency department director at Brackenridge, said he was not optimistic about the recovery process for Le or for DeAndre Tatum, another patient in critical condition who has not yet been released from the hospital. The two most critical patients, I have a great deal of concern and worry about, Ziebell said at a press conference. Were going to do our best for them, but these are some of the worst injuries that we see, and not everybody with these kind of injuries is going to survive. 35-year old Steven Craenmehr and 27-year old Jamie Ranae West were pronounced dead shortly after the crash. Wests husband, Evan West, was also injured. Travis County district judges issued a formal arrest warrant Friday afternoon for 21-year old Rashad Charjuan Owens, who has been accused of driving his car through a crowded area of downtown during SXSW activities, killing two people and injuring 23 others. Owens was charged with one count of capital murder and bond has been set at $3 million. Get Daily Texan News Alerts in your Inbox
Please see the full article at: http://www.dailytexanonline.com/news/2014/03/17/third-victim-dies-from-injuries-stemming-from-sxsw-car-incident

Third victim dies from injuries stemming from SXSW car incident

Le and 21 other people were injured in the incident. Jamie West, 27, and Steven Craenmehr, 35, were pronounced dead at the scene. Six people remained in the hospital Monday. Mason Endres, 18, the lone patient remaining at St. Davids Medical Center, is in fair condition. At University Medical Center Brackenridge, where Le was hospitalized, DeAndre Tatum remained in critical condition, Joseph McCraney and Kartisha Davis are in good condition, and Evan West, Jamie Wests husband, is in fair condition. Gracie Nguyen was upgraded from serious to fair condition, a Seton Healthcare Family official said. Earlier: Seven of 22 people who were injured when a car raced down a street that was closed to traffic on Thursday are still in the hospital, according to officials. Six patients are at University Medical Center Brackenridge.
Please see the full article at: http://www.ajc.com/news/news/crime-law/seven-still-hospitalized-monday-after-sxsw-crash/nfFKP/


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