Truck Crash Snarls Traffic On I-95 In New Haven

Work truck ‘ditched’ after crash


(AP) Interstate 95 northbound in New Haven has reopened after a tractor-trailer crashed and spilled more than 100 gallons of diesel fuel. State police say the truck smashed into a barrier at the off-ramp for exit 50 at about 5 a.m. Monday and only the left lane is open. The accident also caused rubber-necking traffic on the southbound side of the highway. A spokesman for the state Department of Transportation says traffic resumed normally by 10 a.m. The name and condition of the driver haven’t been released. Crews with the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection were called in to clean up the fuel spill. The cause of the crash is under investigation. Do you know who Duboce Park and Duboce Triangle are named after? How about Mt. Davidson? HANDOUT, AFP
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Tanker truck accident shuts down interstate


Kasthuri’s husband Chelladurai, 58, her son Muthuvinayagam, 18, Balu, 28, and one unidentified person are the injured. The accident occurred around 4am near Soriampatti intersection on Madurai-Trichy road. The car was coming from Vellor after its occupants met a bridegroom for the daughter of Chelladurai-Kasthuri couple. The car hit the truck which had broke down some time at night. A driver from Andhra Pradesh was arrested by the police for parking the truck on the road without indicating any signal. Subramanian, Arumugam, Karuppasamy and Nalluraj were killed on the spot. Rest of them were struggling for life with grievous injuries. Kasthuri died on the way. Subbaiah died in the evening.
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On Saturday morning the North Platte Fire Department responded to a car accident on interstate 80, but when they were checking on patients their fire truck was hit too. “A semi truck came through, lost control, and went perpendicular to the interstate and smashed into the back of our fire truck,” Said North Platte Battalion Chief, Jason Trimble. Trimble, who was on the scene, says the fire truck moved about 10 feet, but no one else was hit by the semi, and thats because first responders strategically set up their trucks and use them as shields. “When we respond to an accident the first thing we look for is where is the car and how can we position our fire truck or ambulance to protect the people that are still in the car or exiting the car,” said Trimble. The Fire department says the truck was the primary one used to respond to car crashes. Trimble says the back bumper is damaged, as well as, the water tank. However, the department says their trucks are insured. The department says the truck cost around $250,000 and they do not know the total amount of damages yet. UPDATE: North Platte Man Pleads No Contest to Sexual Assault of a Child
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North Platte Fire Truck Used as a Shield During Accident

No one was injured in the accident. (Photo courtesy of Jim Gutierrez) By REBECCA CROOMES A work truck crashed into a U.S. Postal Service truck on South High Street in Columbia Monday, before coming to rest in a ditch. Jim Gutierrez, who lives in the neighborhood and was off work Monday, said the local postal worker had parked her truck in front of his residence and was walking her rounds about 11:30 a.m. when he heard a loud sound he likened to an explosion. Gutierrez said he went to his front window but didnt notice anything different outside except the postal truck was now parked weird. I didnt know what happened until the cops showed up, Gutierrez said. Officers told Gutierrez the work truck had been parked, but, after everyone had gotten out, began to roll away down South High Street. It then bounced off the postal vehicle, also unoccupied, Gutierrez said, and finally careened into a ditch and retaining wall at the corner of South High and 10th streets. Columbia police said their incident report would not be ready Monday afternoon. No injuries were reported.
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More weight in trucks does not equate to having more accidents

EDT March 22, 2014 Tanker Truck Accident SHARE 1 CONNECT 2 TWEET COMMENTEMAILMORE CONWAY, Ark. (KTHV) A person with the Conway police department told tHV11 News that Exit 127 east bound is closed down at Oak Street and I-40 for a while. Police are working a diesel fuel truck accident there; only one vehicle involved in the accident. The diesel fuel truck overturned is leaking some of the fuel. The driver was taken to a Little Rock hospital for his injuries. OEM and fire department personnel are cleaning up the area, and another tanker truck is on the way to retrieve the remaining fuel inside of the truck. People need to avoid the area as they attempt to clean up his accident. More news Stories
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Six die in car-truck collision

Everyone, including truck drivers, needs to practice defensive-driving techniques. Adams referred to the damage heavier trucks cause to our state highways; he doesn’t believe big trucks pay their fair share. The commercial trucking industry pays the following taxes: International Registration Plan, International Fuel Tax Agreement or Kentucky Intrastate Tax, Unified Carrier Registration and Kentucky Weight Distance Tax before they pay any other business taxes. All these are Road Fund taxes, a portion of which is funneled back into the counties. These taxes pay for roughly 45 percent of the fund, even though commercial trucks only represent 14 percent to 16 percent of the miles traveled on interstates and state highways. In the near future, commercial trucks will be paying tolls, projected to pay for 48 percent of the Louisville bridge project. Even with all of this, KMTA has supported raising the fuel tax to support building and maintaining our highway infrastructure. Working together with a variety of groups and organizations, we can improve commercial truck safety by giving motor carriers (most are small businesses) the resources to operate safely, but at the same time holding them accountable when they fail to do so. We can also: Make the proper investments in our highways. Make smart decisions on where to locate manufacturing plants, businesses and industrial parks that rely on commercial trucks to move their products. Discuss and research how to move freight more efficiently in this new economy. Make sure Kentucky has an efficient tax system and administrative processes that have low costs.
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